Luang Phor Daeng Pitong Loon Raek


5” Luang Phor Daeng Pitong Loon Raek

Made and consecrated in Buddhist year 2538

Temple: Wat Sri Maha Pho

Luang Phor Daeng Suntharo or Phrakru Wiratsophon was one of the prominent guru monks in Southern Thailand and who was also one of the leading monks who consecrated the first generation Luang Pu Thuad 2497 made by His Venerable Luang Pu Tim Dhamatharo of Wat Changhai . Luang Phor Daeng was known for His “apinya” power.

His Venerable made and consecrated his own image in Buddhist year 2538, October 24 as a window of communication through which believers access him after his passing. Under the holy image is a piece of His Venerable saffron and his hand written talisman. Purpose: Protection, prestige, and prosperity.

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  • Manufacturer: Luang Phor Daeng Suntharo