Kumanthong Ruay Pirm Phum Ngen Thong


    Kumanthong Ruay Pirm Phum Ngen Thong LP Jet

    Made and consecrated in Buddhist year 2548

    Temple: Wat Noak

    In the course of building the Maha Chedi in Wat Noak which is deemed to be one of the highest merit making in Buddhist belief, the abbot Ajahn Jet made and consecrated a batch of Kumanthong with three bags of gold on his lap and both hands raised specifically for increasing wealth and auspiciousness for believers. Prominent guru monk Luang Phor Sawai of Wat Preedaram, Nakhon Pathom Province, also joined the Maha Puttapisek ceremony in Buddhist year 2548.

    Purpose: Wealth fetching, auspiciousness, and prosperity.

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    • Model: 64-K7
    • Manufacturer:Luang Phor Jet