Kumanthong Petchmongkhun LP Hong


    Kumanthong Petchmongkhun LP Hong

    Made and consecrated in Buddhist year 2555

    Temple: Wat Phetchaburi

    Luang Pu Hong Prompanyo was one of Surin’s top guru monks revered by Thais as well as foreigners. Amulets and sacred objects made and consecrated by His Venerable are highly sought after by believers. Kumanthongs made and consecrated by Luang Pu Hong are especially well received due to their effectiveness. In Buddhist year 2555, Luang Pu Hong made and consecrated a batch of Kumanthong Petchmongkhun with the Golden Boy sitting on a Chinese dragon holding a gold ingot in his left hand. The image measure approximately base width 4.5 inchesand height 7 inches with many treasures inserted in its base.

    Purpose: Wealth fetching, auspiciousness, and prosperity.

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    • Model: 79-k15
    • Manufacturer:Luang Pu Hong