Phra Chiwok Komaraphat (Loon Laek) 5 inches Lap-width


Phra Chiwok Komaraphat (Loon Laek) 5 inches Lap-width

Made and consecrated in Buddhist year 2547

Temple: Wat Indharaviharn

Phra Chiwok Komaraphat also known as Por Mor Chiwok was bestowed the title “The Ethical One” by Lord Buddha and has served as physician in the Sangha to help maintain the health of all monks. He was also dedicated to the Dharma with strong faith in Lord Buddha. Subsequently, he even extended his services to worshippers and devotees thereby becoming known as Rheesi Mor Chiwok Komaraphat, “The Grand Master of Traditional Medicine” and is revered by the general public until today.

This batch of Phra Chiwok coded image was made commemorating the ceremony to build a statue of Phra Chiwok Komaraphat. The grand Puttapisek ceremony was held on January 3, 2547 at the Ubosot of Wat Indharaviharn. Many prominent monks participated in the consecration ceremony and they include

– Luang Phor Thong Sueb, Wat Indharaviharn, Bangkok

– Luang Phor Sudchai, Wat Sorthon Wararam, Chachoengsao

– Luang Phor Yam, Wat Rai Khing, Nakhon Pathom

– Luang Phor Ruay, Wat Tako, Ayutthaya

– Luang Phor Bamnet, Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat, Sukhothai

– Luang Phor Thanom, Wat Suthat Thepwararam, Bangkok

– Luang Phor Perm, Wat Pom Kaew, Ayutthaya

– Luang Phor Fu, Wat Bang Samak, Chachoengsao

– Luang Phor Khao, Wat Sao Cha Ngok, Chachoengsao, etc.

Purpose: Ward away sickness.

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