Hanuman Phim Om Duang Phra Puttachao (Nerwa) 2545


Hanuman Phim Om Duang Phra Puttachao (Nerwa) 2545

Made and consecrated in Buddhist year 2545

Temple: Wat Thalungthong

This batch of Hanuman amulets made by Wat Thalungthong went through three grand consecration ceremony, the first Mahaputtapisek was conducted at Viharn Phra Phutthachinraj, Phitsanulok Province, the second at Phra Phutthakosee Cave, Trang Province for 9 days 9 nights, and the third at Wat Thalungthong, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, with 9 of the best teachers from Southern Sai performing the consecration, namely Por Than Sang, Wat Don Tro, Por Than Khai, Wat Lam Nao, Por Than Nuan, Wat Saira, Por Than Niam, Wat Bang Sai, Por Than Dam, Wat Mai Napharam, Narathiwat, Por Than Cham, Wat Makham Tao, Songkhla, Por Than Khiao, Wat Huai Ngaa, Phra Ajahn Thong, Wat Samphao Choei, and Por Than Kaew, Wat Laem Din, Phatthalung Province. This batch of Hanuman amulets is considered the ultimate sacred object of southern Thailand. Special powder has been inserted at the bottom of the amulet with a bronze plate stamped with the letters “Na”.

Purpose: Auspiciousness, protect life destiny, progress and avoid all danger.

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  • Model: 40-12
  • Manufacturer: Wat Thalungthong