Phra Pikaniat Pidta (5 inches) LPu Hong 2556


Phra Pikaniat Pidta (5 inches) LPu Hong 2556

Made and consecrated in Buddhist year 2556

Temple: Wat Petchaburi

Phra Pikaniat Pidta is one of the unique sacred objects made and consecrated by prominent guru monk Luang Pu Hong Pharom Panyo of Surin Province. According to His Venerable, Phra Pikaniat has appeared and protected him when he was practicing asceticism in the Cambodian jungle. Thus, His Venerable has honoured Phra Pikaniat as one of his ancestral teacher since.

In Buddhist year 2556, Luang Pu Hong, made and consecrated 500 coded images of Phra Pikaniat Pidta with 4 arms, with 2 hands interlocking in a meditative posture holding a lotus with a crystal orb symbolising steadfast determination; and the other two hands covering the eyes representing mystical power. Under the base of the image is filled with many precious sacred objects.

Lap-width: 5 inches, Base-width: 6.5 inches, Height: 8 inches

Purpose: Remove obstacles, business prosperity, and work progress.

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  • Manufacturer: Luang Pu Hong