Pakawan (5 inches) Ajahn Jet 2550


Pakawan (5 inches) Ajahn Jet 2550

Made and consecrated in Buddhist year 2550

Temple: Wat Noak

Phra Kavam or Phra Kavampati is commonly known as Pakawan. He is Phra Maha Kaccana sitting cross-legged in a meditating posture with eight hands covering all orifices of a human body, that is the eyes, nostrils, ears, mouth, anus and genital to symbolise no evil or bad elements is able to enter the body.

In Buddhist year 2550, Ajahn Jet or Phrakru Suchittaphon made and consecrated a batch of limited edition and uniquely designed 5 inches lap-width Pakawan bronze image with three Rahu, one one each of the knee caps and one on his back.

Purpose: Protecting against all kinds of dangers, invulnerability, and dispelling villains.

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  • Model: 58-k4
  • Manufacturer: Luang Phor Jet