Pidta Maha Ut Hua Cherut Loon Baramee (Bronze)


    Pidta Maha Ut Hua Cherut Loon Baramee (Bronze) 2536 LP Koon

    Made and consecrated in Buddhist year 2536

    Temple: Wat Banrai

    Phra Thep Wittayakom or Luang Phor Koon Parisuttho, the former abbot of Wat Banrai, Nakhon Ratchasima Province was among one of the top guru monks. Sacred objects made and consecrated by His Venerable are highly priced with the 2512 batch breaking through 5 million baht. The meaning of Phra Pidta “Maha Ut” (great wealth) loon “Baramee” (prestige) is obvious.

    Purpose: Prestige, power, success, and wealth.

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    • Model: 12-19
    • Manufacturer:Luang Phor Koon