Kumanthong Lek Noi


Kumanthong Lek Noi

Made in Buddhist year 2542 with bronze.

Temple : Wat Noinanghong

This minature size Kumanthong amulet width: 0.9 cm and height: 1.5 cm was made in Buddhist year 2542 by Luang Phor Boonlord. Prominent guru monks including Luang Pu Tim of Wat Phra Khao, Chao Khun Suthep of Wat Pathom Chedi, Luang Phor Boonsong of Wat Nong Namjiat and etc. had participated in the consecration and Puttapisek ceremony.

Purpose: Enhancing charisma, harmony, and wealth.

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  • Model: 8-3
  • Manufacturer: Luang Phor Boonlord