Kumanphet Permsap Permsuk (Prai Kumanthong) 2553


Kumanphet Permsap Permsuk (Prai Kumanthong) 2553

Made and consecrated in Buddhist year 2553

Temple: Wat Phetchaburi

On the 5th Saturday year 2553, a grand Mahapisek ceremony was held in Wat Phetchaburi where the highly revered guru monk Luang Pu Hong Phrompanyo consecrated a batch of Kumanphet Permsap Permsuk (literally means increase wealth and increase happiness). It is believed that spell cast on this auspicious day has enormous power to bring the 4 elemental charges entering the sacred objects to their peak thereby bringing completeness of traditions and the sanctity, intensity, and correctness for those who respect and have faith in Luang Pu Hong and sacred objects made and consecrated by His Venerable.

Width: 1.9 cm Height: 2.9 cm.

Purpose: Increase wealth, increase happiness, prosper in business and career.

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  • Model: 75-26
  • Manufacturer: Luang Pu Hong