Phra Buddha Chinnarat (Hawaiian Kathin) LP Pae 2539


    Phra Buddha Chinnarat (Hawaiian Kathin) LP Pae 2539

    Made and consecrated in Buddhist year 2539

    Temple: Wat Pikulthong

    This rare 9 inches lap-width Phra Buddha Chinnarat image with code number 679 was made and consecrated by highly revered guru monk Luang Phor Pae for the purpose of raising fund to renovate a Thai Temple in Hawaii. Only those who rented one Buddha image then gain the right to join the Kathin group led by His Venerable. This batch of Phra Buddha Chinnarat images went through two grand consecration ceremonies, one held at the ubosot of Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat (Wat Yai), Phitsanulok Province and, the other, at Wat Pikulthong, Singburi Province.

    Width: 9 inches Height:20 inches

    Purpose: Success, overcoming all difficulty, prosperity, and wealth.

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    • Model: 80-k27
    • Manufacturer:Luang Phor Pae