Luang Pu Yam

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Kumanthong "Nong Thaweechok" 2538 (78-k15)

Kumanthong "Nong Thaweechok" 2538

Made and consecrated in Buddhist year 2538

Temple: Wat Sam Ngam

This is the earliest of the various batches of Kumanthong "Nong Thaweechok" Models made and consecrated by Luang Pu Yam. It is made with earth and mixed with the remnant powder left over by Luang Pu Tae which Luang Pu Yam used for his first batch of Kumanthong images. The whole body is painted gold with Luang Pu Yaem handwritten talismans in blue ink. On the front of the 3 inches base is printed "Ruay Ruay Ruay" (Rich Rich Rich) in Thai medium and under is filled with ashes (unsealed).

Purpose: Fetching wealth and fortune, prosper in business and career.

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