Luang Phor Wiriyang

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Mae Guan Yim (Jade) 2536
Mae Guan Yim (Jade) 2536 Luang Phor Wiriyang (1-7)

Mae Guan Yim (Jade) 2536 Luang Phor Wiriyang

Made and consecrated in Buddhist year 2536

Temple: Wat Thammamongkol

Luang Phor Wiriyang acquired a piece of pure green jade discovered in Vancouver, British Columbia, weighing 32 tons for 29,528,200 baht. The jade was cut into halves, one half being carved into a Buddha image Phra Phuttha Mongkhon Thammasri Thai and the other half being carved into the image of Mae Guan Yim by 3 Italian craftsmen. The remnants were then carved into small Guan Yim images and consecrated by his venerable in Buddhist year 2536.

Purpose: Peace, happiness, auspiciousness and prosperity.

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