LP Tong Daam

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Phra Putta Gaona
Phra Putta Gaona LP Tong Daam 2553 (76-36)

Phra Putta Gaona LP Tong Daam 2553 (Bronze Loop)

Made and consecrated in Buddhist year 2553

Temple: Wat Tham Tapian Thong

Luang Pu Tong Daam is one of the renowned guru monks practicing Vedic magic. He has built Wat Tham Tapian Thong at the Tapian Thong Cave in Lopburi where there used to be many snakes and bats. The cave is being preserved and there is a huge snake coiled and fossilised.

Purpose: Bringing in the ten directional wealth (8 directions plus heaven and earth). “Gaona” in the Thai language also symbolises success and accomplishment.

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