Luang Pu Poot

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Kuman Phetphayathong
Kuman Phetphayathong 2532 (11-5)

Kumanthong Phetphayathong 2532

Made in Buddhist year 2532 with bronze.

Temple : Wat Kang Bangplad

Width: 0.9 cm Height: 3.7 cm.

Purpose: Repel all evil and protect the wearer from all harm.

LP Somwang 2553
Phra Putta LP Somwang LPu Poot 2553 (80-51)

Phra Putta LP Somwang LPu Poot 2553

Made and consecrated in Buddhist year 2553

Temple: Wat Kang Bangplad

Inside Wat Klang Bangplad is a large Buddha statue decorated with mosaic tiles created and consecrated by Luang Phor Poot in year 2524. The Buddha is known to “startle the devil” which is analogous to subduing Mara. This large Buddha is called Luang Phor Yai. Inside Luang Phor Yai’s image sits 99 Buddha statues, size 9 inches lap-width.

Purpose: Prosperity, love and harmony in the family.

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