Thai Deva Amulets
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Mae Nang Kuak
Mae Nang Kuak (Goddess of Fortune) (13-37)

Mae Nang Kuak

Made in Buddhist year 2539 with powder.

Temple : Wat Kohsitalam

Width: 1.8 cm Height: 3.2 cm.

Purpose: Enhance wealth and prosperity.

Ying Tong Gold Plated
Ying Tong (Gold Plated) (33-59)

Ying Tong (loon sukthai).

Made in Buddhist year 2532 and gold plated.

Temple : Wat Noi

Temple : Wat Noi

Purpose: Enhance charisma, wealth, and relationship.

Goddess of Mercy
Mae Kuan Yim (Goddess of Mercy) (13-3)

Mae Kuan Yim

Made in Buddhist year 2539 with Silver.

Temple : Wat Nongnoakkai

Height: 3.5cm.

Purpose: Overcoming difficulties and enhancing inner peace.

Phra Plom Phumi-armnac 2549
Phra Plom Phumi-armna 2549 (62-24)

Phra Plom Phumi-armna 2549

Made in Buddhist year 2549 with powder and embedded with 3 takuts.

Temple : Wat Petburi

Width: 2.3 cm Height: 3.6 cm.

Purpose: Enhance authority, influence, competence and ward away all bad elements.

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