Thai Monk Amulets
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Pidta Mahaniyom Yellow
Pidta Mahaniyom (Yellow) (20-13)

Phra Pidta Mahaniyom (Yellow)

Made in Buddhist year 2542 with with several minerals including ancient temple bell.

Temple : Wat Kau

Width: 2.4 cm Height: 2.7 cm

Purpose: Avoid danger and enhance wealth

Luang Pu Tuad
Luang Pu Tuad (Black) (12-62)

Luang Pu Tuad (Black)

Made in Buddhist year 2539 with powder.

Temple : Wat Changhai

Width: 2.0 cm Height: 3.3 cm

Purpose: Protection against danger.

King Rama V
King Rama V (18-4)

King Rama V with Somdej Toh on the rear

Made in Buddhist year 2536 with powder.

Temple : Wat Rahkang

Diameter: 2.3cm.

Purpose: Protection, ward away evil and bad luck.

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