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Regalia Buddhist Cultural Centre is the first authentic Thai Buddhist organization of its kind to be established in Singapore in providing followers/believers of the Faith an avenue to purchase religious artifacts in pertinence thereto as well as providing followers/believers with the true Dharma free from defilement. Our primary mission is to help followers/believers to achieve a brighter, harmonious, and prosperous living through proper acceptance and practice of Thai Buddhism.

In pursuit of our noble mission, we have expanded our primary operation of supplying authentic Buddha images, amulets, talisman, and prayers ornaments to include the amazing skills of Feng Shui for the benefit of followers/believers. These are led by Master Tan, the disciple of most venerated Luang Phor Somjit, who is a renowned and respected expert in both the Faith and Feng Shui. Our aim is to make the complimentary benefits of both Thai Buddhism and Feng Shui more accessible to both the laypersons whose interest are just budding, as well as for seasoned practitioners to excel further.

Updated regularly and with a huge archive of content, Regalia is committed to bring you everything you need to know, to learn, to practice and thus benefit from the divine Faith as well as the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui in contemporary society. With our articles, tools, resources and associations with prominent temples, our broader objective is to bring together believers from around the world to achieve the singular goal of proper practice of the Faith thereby achieving both intro- and extro- harmony and prosperity. We also seek to enhance these end-results through the invaluable knowledge of Feng Shui so as to enable more people to enjoy and benefit from the wonderful results of happy living within a managed time-frame.

Committed as we are to dispensing and dispersing authentically accurate information and knowledge, we however also strongly advise and advocate a positive analytical mind as well as disciplined practice in receiving the Faith of Thai Buddhism and the benefits of Feng Shui. The Faith creates a lifetime luck that enhances the “early heaven” luck in which you are born with and Feng Shui aids you in organizing the “later heaven” luck by postulating elements favorable to you and changing/avoiding those that are unfavorable to you whilst we assist you in managing your "earthly luck" through proper consolidation of both the former and the latter. Therefore, unlike some who attempts to becloud you with hoaxed mysticism or yet others that attempt to “unfaith” you with utter de-mysticism, we strive to provide you with a proper and guided balance that whilst helping you to build and enhance your earthly fortune, we do not flung you and your descendants’ “after” fortune into abeyance.

Learn and practice the proper way with fun with Regalia Buddhist Cultural Centre and Regalia Buddhist Cultural Centre Co. Ltd. Feel free to provide us with your feedback and your ideas in order for us to serve you better and let us together make this community respectably prosperous and growing one!

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