Thai Theravada Ordination Ceremony

The Thai Theravada ordination ceremony is not only an intriguing event but also a complex tradition that was created by Lord Buddha which constitute original Buddhism today. For two-thousand-five-hundred and sixty over years, the meanings of each and every ritual involved in the ceremony have been zealously guarded and preserved. The Thai Theravada ordination ceremony […]


Phra Prom – Four-Face Buddha

When it comes to the Four-Faced Buddha, we can hear all kinds of rumours that make inevitably make many people sceptical about Thai Buddhism. There are also many unlearned fools who are fond of fabricating many unfounded stories to describe the Four-Faced Buddha, depicting the deity close to the characteristics of demons. Who actually is […]

Phra Prom


  談到泰國四面佛,我們也同時能聽到各式各樣的流言,使得泰國佛教在許多人的心目中難免蒙上一片詭異。也有不少愚者不但誤己更欲誤人,捏造許多毫無根據的故事來把四面佛描繪近乎邪神。   那到底誰是四面佛?拜四面佛是用葷還是素?答謝四面佛當真要跳脫衣舞或艷舞嗎?帕蓬“四面佛”的來源…. 閱讀更多